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Ah! I see Badgerstar sent you over! I am Iceheart, the medicine cat! Before you join our clan, I just want to know a bit about you!

Name: Bramblaclaw

Appearance: Dark brown tabby with muscly shoulders

Personality: Fast, impatient and strong

(If you are a kit or an apprentice, please give your age in moons, for your Warrior and Apprentice ceremonies!)

History: Former rogue

Family: unknown

Remember to sign so we know who you are!

When you have been given permission to join the clan, introduce yourself here! Fireclaw will help you from there!

Archives[edit | edit source]

Archive 1

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Name: Mackaralkit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: light-brown she-kit with vibrant blue-green eyes

Personality: Very talkative. Can't wait to be an apprentice so she can hunt, fight, and go on border patrols. She always wants to play with the apprentices in the clearing so they can show her their skills.

Age (in moons): 3

History: Found hurt in deep undergrowth as one moon old. Was taken in and nursed back to health.

Family: Unknown

Extras: One hind leg has slightly misshapen bone.

Tiffany03[edit | edit source]

Name: Rosekit

Rank: Kit

Appearance: A sandy colored she-kit with rose-colored eyes with slightly darker paws.

Personality: Is shy until you know her, then she gets pretty talkative. She gets very competitive when challenged. She's loves thinking up different worlds in her head.

Age (in moons): 2

History: Was found in the clan's territory and taken in, nursed from another queen.

Family: Unknown

Extra: Is faster than normal.

BCEngine[edit | edit source]

Name: Bluebell

Rank: Kittypet

Appearance: A beautifull cream and brown Siamese with bright blue eyes.

Personality: Talkative, collects news about anything and everything and can strike up a conversation in awkward moments. Although talkative and slightly annoying, she's thoughtfull, and though she's a kittypet, she a good friend to Summerclan. When her owner is away, she's hanging around Summerclan borders. She also knows Silverdrop quite well.

'History: Born a stray, 'a kittypet.

Extras: She helped Silverdrop's late mother give bith to him.

Name: Silverdrop

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: A sleek, shiny black tom with bright silver spots that look like raindrops and charming green eyes.

Personality: Quiet, a deep thinker, usually in a long train of thought. But he will talk, and loves to run about the camp, free as a bird. But, given the right circumstances, he can be vicious and savage-don't get him on his bad side!

History: His mom ran off to the forest, planning to abandon him. Bluebell found his mother having trouble giving birth, and the kittypet helped her. She forgot about abandoning him. When she was just about at the camp, though, she was attacked by a large creature and died. Silverdrop struggled on wobbly legs back to camp, where he nursed from another queen.

Extras: He knows Bluebell

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Tangle[edit | edit source]

Name: Rainkit

Rank: Kit 

Appearance: Light grey tom with blue eyes. Has some darker grey patches.

Personality: Quiet and calm. He's very protective of his close friends and family. When lied to, or his trust gets betrayed, he gets really upset and holds a grudge against the cat. He also gets frightened easily, and has a fear of sleeping alone.

Age (in moons): Newborn. 

Family: Snowfeather (mother), Sandkit (brother), Blossomkit (sister), Dapplekit (sister)

History: Clan-born.

Extras: Has no idea who his father is.

I approve myself!


Hawkfrost[edit | edit source]


Appearance: : Calico she kit.

Personality:  Adventourous and happy. She can reflect all bad things. She is very optomistic

History: Kit of summerclan

Age: Newborn

Rank: Kit

Name: Aquapaw

Appearance: White she cat with long fur

Personality: Funny, nice, and energetic

If an apprentice or a kit, what is your age in moons? (so we know when to have your Warrior and Apprentice ceremonies)

10 moons

History: Clanborn

Family: Unknown

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HIMG[edit | edit source]


Grey tom with green eyes

Very mischevious and cheeky. He is very reckless and doesn't like being told what to do. He is impatient and can't stand being still. He is curious and can't go past a bush without sticking his nose in it.


Family: Mother-Snowfeather


Sisters-Blossomkit and Dapplekit

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Silver[edit | edit source]


Silver she cat with blue eyes

Calm and beutifal, loves to chat and is very nice



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Eeveeh making a whole bunch of cats XD[edit | edit source]

Name: Squirreltail

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Slender, small, sleek, fiery-ginger she-cat with wide, pale, sparkling leaf-green eyes and soft fur. She has white patches on her tail, and one pale ginger one over her right eye, and barely visible darker tabby stripes on her back. She has a short, very fluffy tail, like a squirrel's (hence her name). She has tiny paws, and sharp, white claws.

Personality: Squirreltail is clever and crafty. She is intelligent, thoughtful, always cheerful, and very sweet. She loves to train apprentices and play with kits, and watch as they become skilled warriors. Squirreltail is agile, often out-speeding anyone that wants to race her. She is highly sensitive, and always full of pride. Anyone that decides to push her might face her claws. She knows nearly all of the medicine cat's herbs and their uses, so she is a big help to the meddie cat(s) of the Clan. She rarely hates anyone unless they are a threat to her Clan, and refuses to talk about anyone she hates. She often daydreams, thinking about stuff that will never happen, like going back in time, and being invincible.

Family: Cinderstripe, Creekpaw (sisters), Bramblepaw, Firepaw (brothers), Brackenclaw (father, deceased)

History: Squirreltail is Clanborn along with her sister Cinderstripe, but she didn't know her mother. She was told that her mother died as a result of blood loss during the two she-cats' birth. When her father, Brackenclaw, died due to a monster, she wished that she could reverse time and save him. But she knows that is not possible. In a dream, Squirreltail saw starry cats - she knew that these were cats from StarClan. They told her that her father hadn't made it to StarClan. He, instead, had gone to the Dark Forest. When Squirreltail asked to hear more, the cats faded away, and she awoke. She wants to know why Brackenclaw went to the Dark Forest, and she wants answers.

Extras: None


Name: Cinderstripe

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Fluffy silver she-cat with one dark, stone-grey stripe running from her muzzle, down her back, and to her tail tip. She has pretty blue eyes.

Personality: She is extremely shy, quiet, and withdrawn. Cinderstripe is rather anti-social and awkward, staying away from other cats (besides her siblings). She is also very calm during moments of panic. She tries to help cats do stuff (like hunting and fighting), but she often messes that up. She is often insulted because of this, and is often deeply upset by it. She never defends herself, though.

Family: Squirreltail, Creekpaw (sisters), Bramblepaw, Firepaw (brothers), Brackenclaw (father, deceased)

History: Cinderstripe is Clanborn, along with her sister Squirreltail. She never met her mother, because her mother died during giving birth to the two little she-cats. She felt withdrawn her entire life, due to feeling guilt about her dead mother. Others always tried to persuade her that it wasn't her fault her mother died, but she never listened. When Squirreltail told her that their dead father wasn't in StarClan, Cinderstripe wanted to flat out leave the Clan. When she was consoled by Squirreltail, though, after she heard that she had new adopted brothers and sister, she decided to stay.

Extras: None


Name: Creekpaw

Rank: Apprentice (7 moons)

Appearance: Sleek-furred, pale-grey she-cat with light blue eyes.

Personality: She is always curious and adventurous, often leading her brothers Bramblepaw and Firepaw into trouble. She likes attempting dangerous things, so she is very bold. Creekpaw's also troublesome. She likes to stir up gossip between all the apprentices and pelt moss/snow at the warriors.

Family: Squirreltail, Cinderstripe (adopted sisters), Bramblepaw, Firepaw (brothers)

History: She is loner-born. She and her brothers were abandoned and found by the Clan, taken in without hesitation. She wanted sisters, not just lousy ol' brothers (XD), so Squirreltail asked if she and Cinderstripe could be Creekkit's sisters. The tiny kit agreed quickly. In her first moon of apprenticeship, she led her brothers into a Twoleg garden, where the three were chased by a large Twoleg dog. They escaped without a scratch, and Firepaw was so shaken that Bramblepaw and Creekpaw had to carry him back to camp.

Extras: None


Name: Bramblepaw

Rank: Apprentice (7 moons)

Appearance: Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Personality: He is playful, cheery, and energetic no matter what. He loves to explore with his sister Creekpaw, and the two are inseperable. He doesn't like when Firepaw is picked on, and he will defend his brother quickly and fiercely.

Family: Squirreltail, Cinderstripe (adopted sisters), Firepaw (brother), Creekpaw (sister)

History: He is loner-born. He and his siblings were abandoned and found by the Clan, taken in without hesitation. Squirreltail asked if Bramblekit wanted two more sisters. The tiny kit agreed quickly. In his first moon of apprenticeship, he was led into a Twoleg garden by Creekpaw, where the three were chased by a large Twoleg dog. They escaped without a scratch, and Firepaw was so shaken that Bramblepaw and Creekpaw had to carry him back to camp.


Name: Firepaw

Rank: Apprentice (7 moons)

Appearance: Fire-colored tom with green eyes and large white paws.

Personality: Timid, quiet, and afraid of everything. He is often lured into one of Creekpaw's and Bramblepaw's plots of evil (X3), which leads to him getting so shaken that they need to carry him back to camp. He is often teased, which makes him extremely upset - to the point where he wants to cry. But his brother Bramblepaw often saves the day.

Family: Squirreltail, Cinderstripe (adopted sisters), Bramblepaw (brother), Creekpaw (sister)

History: He is loner-born. He and his siblings were abandoned and found by the Clan, taken in without hesitation. Squirreltail asked if Firekit wanted another two sisters. The tiny kit agreed hesitantly. In his first moon of apprenticeship, he was led into a Twoleg garden by Creekpaw, where the three siblings were chased by a large Twoleg dog. They escaped without a scratch, and Firepaw was so shaken that Bramblepaw and Creekpaw had to carry him back to camp.


Name: Brackenclaw

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior

Appearance: Bright ginger tom with blue eyes full of hatred.

Personality: He is cruel, calculating, and cold. He likes hearing the wails of cats in pain, but he gets bored of it easily. He is a lone wolf, wandering alone in the Dark Forest. He has another side, though, that rarely shows. That side is caring, kind, and gentle. Brackenclaw hides this side, because he thinks that it is his 'weak' side. Despite hiding this side, he stil cares for his daughters and wants them to be happy, no matter what.

Family: Squirreltail, Cinderstripe (daughters), deceased she-cat (StarClan)

History: Brackenclaw was Clanborn. He was hungry for power as an apprentice, and he tried to kill the deputy as a warrior. He failed, however, but no one knew because the deputy drowned anyway. Hoping to be chosen as deputy, he was angered when another cat was chosen. He tried to forget about it when his mate was pregnant with her first litter of kits. When she was giving birth, she died after the two she-cats - Cinderkit and Squirrelkit - were born. Crushed by this, Brackenclaw went completely cold. He tried killing the deputy again, but was killed cleanly. When he awoke in the Dark Forest, he realized what he had done. As he wandered, he realized that he could not have tried killing the deputy. He realized that he would still be with his daughters. He knew that this place was the right one for monsters like him.

Twin Power (We Love Warriors!:)[edit | edit source]

Name: Hawkkit (Hawkpelt)

Rank: Kit (3 moons old)

Appearence: Covered in black, orange, and white patches

Personality: He often drifts off into his own world. He is sometimes clumbsy, has trouble making friends, and seems to be the wisest of the kits-in his own way. The other kits catch him with closed eyes and muttering to himself quite often. When he opens them, the muttring stops and he has no clue what they're talking about. While he seems odd, he and his mother both know he is very strong, slick and smart, if only the other kits were to notice.

Family: Unknown. Only has an adopted mother.

History: When he was one week old, he and his mother and litter mates went walking around in twolegplace, where they lived. They wandered a bit too far and entered Blood clan territory. After the strong warriors killed his two sisters, they fled and ran as far as possble. They lept onto a fence bordering the forest, and Hawkkit fell off into the brambles. Soon, eyes peered out of the forest and his mother was scared it would be more Bloodclan cats, so she quickly grabbed the two remaining kits and ran even faster along the fence, leaving him alone with all of the glowing yellow eyes. It turned out that they were Summerclan Warriors, and they took in the poor, helpless kit. After seeing how scared his mother was, they knew he must have had a tough past.

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FireStar97, new character[edit | edit source]

Name: Stormfur

Rank: Warrior

Age: 15 moons

Appearance: A red, muscled, short furred tom with a blue-gray chest, blue-grey ears and paws.

Personality: Stormfur is a very kind and honest cat. He always wants to do what's best for everyone and doesn't like to kill one of his own species. Despite this he is a very skilled fighter, almost as good in battle as Shadowstrike. Stormfur is very loyal to Badgerstar, he looks up to him as a father because Stormfur never knew his own father. He is probably one of the most noble warriors in SummerClan today and he believes that everyone should live in peace together.

History: When Stormfur was born, his father never came back to the camp. Everyone thought that his father was killed in battle, but he was actually killed by Shadowstrike. Stormfur's mentor was Whitestrike, but he had to stop mentoring him because he was too old, so he was mentored by Shadowstrike instead. Stormfur became a skilled fighter and ultimately became a respected young warrior in SummerClan. During the final battle with Shadowstrike's TerrorClan he fought bravely and was one of the cats to push Blackeye towards the edge of the cliff.

Family: Unknown.

The Fire has returned, and this time no force in the universe can stop him! 19:36, June 12, 2014 (UTC)

Silverstorm[edit | edit source]

Name: Silverstorm

Rank: Queen

Age: 36 moons

Appearance: Silver-Gray shecat with a long tail and seablue eyes

Personality: a shy, but brave, shecat, Silverstorm has been a ferocious cat every now and then. Often a bit reckless.

History: Silverstorm was a kit in Storm clan, the clan of heros, they say. Her young life was scarred with death. Her father was killed In a raid on the rival clan, Moonclan. Her mother died of greencough and she almost died as well. Runningpaw, her sister, was found in a pool of blood, killed by a badger. When she became a warrior, she killed the badger that killed her sister. She was left with a scar running down her belly. Her mate, Stormflight was a senior warrior. For those two, it was love at first sight. Now Silverstorm is a queen, expecting Stormflight's kits.She changed clans when she found Stormflight was in SummerClan.

Family: Runningpaw, Unknown

Name: Stormflight

Age: 60 moons.

Rank: Senior Warrior

Personality: brave, loyal, and kind.

History: As a kit, Stormkit was always getting into trouble. As an apprentice he nearly got himself killed by running into a badger. Then, as a warrior, he met the young kit, Silverkit. The poor kit had lost her father at a young age. He soon started to see a fire inside her pale-grey pelt. The fire burned brightly inside her and as a warrior, Stormflight asked her if they could be mates. At that moment, their tales twined and it was surely true. But she was in Stormclan, and he was a true Summerclan cat. They'd met at the Gatherings. Silverstorm soon decided to swap clans to go with her mate. At the time, she knew Stormflight's kits were near. Now, Stormflight is a senior SummerClan warrior, with Silverstorm expecting his kits.

Family: Unknown

Silverstorm is accepted, but you need to add a lot more personality to Stromflight. ~~~~

Bramblestar2521[edit | edit source]

Name: Leafspirit

Age: 14 moons

Rank: New warrior

Personality: Shy she-cat with a sarcastic nature. Leafspirit will fight for her loved ones, especially her mate and family. She has (small) bipolar issues, but she usually controls it very good.

History: She had recently escaped from her clan. As a kit, she has been bullied by her (well, future) mentor, Bramblestorm. Forming a plan to escape from her former home with her ally, Hailflight, she ran into Summerclan. She is now training as a warrior.


WarriorCat1059[edit | edit source]

Name: Emberkit

Appearance: ginger tabby tom

Personality: playful and curious, wants to be a medicine cat apprentice when he is 6 moons old

Age: 4 moons

Rank: Kit

History: Not much

Family: Yellowberry (mother)

Blackheart (father

Name: Yellowberry

Appearance: white she-cat

Personality: sweet, protective over her kit

Rank: Queen

History: born a loner, ran away from her mother and found SummerClan

Family: Blackheart (mate)

Emberkit (kit)

Name: Blackheart

Appearance: ginger tom

Personality: nice, has a lot of spirit

Rank: Warrior

History: born a rogue that attacked SummerClan, met Yellowpaw (now Yellowberry) and fell in love. Then decided to join SummerClan

Family: Yellowberry (mate)

Emberkit (kit)


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